All four immigrated from Greece.

Yassou! (Hello in Greek!)


These are my roots that fundamentally developed who I am today.  My grandparents came to the United States from Greece and my parents were English Language Learners. That is why I am very passionate about this topic as well as diversity and inclusion for all.

I love teaching and helping my students reach their full potential.  I enjoy the countless opportunities education provides for them.  From my experience in education, I began writing blogs and other articles. That work inspired me to continue to write - specifically educational children's books like The Greatest Thing: A Story About Buck O'Neil.


Educational Articles

Below, find a list of several of my published works.  


A Different Kind of Education

When I first became a teacher, I had no idea what a perk it would be when I became a mom. I went into teaching because I love children and couldn’t wait to educate them!  But once I had children of my own, I have been able to be at home with them since we share all the same breaks.

Art Fun

Arts Integration in the Classroom

Who doesn’t love the arts? We listen to music during our free time, go dancing, watch a live performance, among other things! This past week I went to an arts symposium where I learned a lot about integrating the arts into the classroom. I have several take-aways I wanted to share.

Taking a Test

Assessments in the Classroom

I see your eyes rolling right now as you look at this title. I know what you are thinking: too many tests! I agree there is too much testing in our schools, but assessments don’t have to always come in the form of paper and pencil.

Drawing Face

Becoming Trauma Informed

In the world of education, the terms “trauma informed,” “trauma sensitive,” or “trauma invested” have come to the forefront. While all these terms are very similar in nature, the importance of learning and understanding trauma is key to the success of our students. 

Team High Five

Benefits of Co-Teaching

Co-Teaching can be a very effective way to teach a module or concept to students. Co-Teaching can be defined as two teachers collaborating to design, implement, and assess instruction.

Digital Mind

Brain Research and Education

A lot has been written about brain research and education. At times it can be very overwhelming to remember all the areas of the brain and its functions, as well as, the best ways to educate students with these functions in mind. So here is a crash course in brain development and some ways teachers can use this information to provide best practice teaching.

World Peace

All-School Culture Night

Diversity within our schools continues to increase in public schools nationwide. 1 in 4 school children are listed as first or second-generation immigrant in the US and 350 languages are spoken in homes across our nation. It is so important to teach tolerance, empathy, and acceptance to prepare students for a diverse world. 

Stock Market Down

It's Data Time!

I realize this subject might make your skin crawl. Sometimes, we teachers feel like all we do is test, test, test. I recently read an article from USA Today stating that despite all our efforts with Common Core and standardized testing, the US is still lagging behind in test scores.

Colors in English

Strategies for English Language Learners

Walk into most classrooms these days and you are more than likely to find English Language Learners. This demographic continues to rise nationwide, and it is up to us, educators, to know how to best serve them. It can be challenging having an ELL in your classroom among all your other students’ needs.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

The Truth about PLCs

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are at the forefront in education. This initiative was brought forth after much research was done on the highest performing schools in the lowest socioeconomic areas. The big take away is when school leaders and teachers implement best practice teaching for each child, then, overall school achievement improves.

School's Out

What Makes A Great School?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately. I have taught for over 20 years in 7 different buildings. I have taught various grade levels in the elementary setting. I have taught in the inner city, in military schools, in affluent schools and somewhere in between; and I have realized a few things about what it takes to make a school great.


Why I Love Teaching

As we count down the final days of school, I always like to stop and reflect. Yes, I am tired and probably looking a little haggard but, man, I really love my job. And I am not just saying that because June and July are around the corner! Teaching truly is a wonderful profession and here’s why, in case you need a little reminding.